Andrew Culp, Joanna Cheung, & Elisa giardina papa

Tuesday feb 21, 2017 @ 7pm

oakland, CA

Technologies of Care, 2016. Still captured from video. Elisa Giardina Papa © 

Technologies of Care, 2016. Still captured from video. Elisa Giardina Papa © 

Andrew Culp is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Emerging Media and Communication at the University of Texas, Dallas. He is interested in the afterlives of media technologies born out of the anti-globalization movement. In his first book, Dark Deleuze (University of Minnesota Press, 2016), he offers a radical reinterpretation of the theorist Gilles Deleuze that challenges today's world of compulsory happiness, decentralized control, and overexposure. Since its publication in June, it has been translated into Spanish, Japanese, and German. In his next project, Metropolis, he explores anonymity, fugitivity, and opacity as responses to the 24/7 demands of an 'always-on' media-driven society. He serves on the General Board of the Cultural Studies Association. His work has appeared in numerous venues, including Radical Philosophy, Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, Quarterly Journal of Speech, parallax, and boundary 2 online. 

Joanna Cheung is an interdisciplinary artist and designer. She creates physical and virtual spaces that break down hierarchical balance between architecture and occupants. Mediated through tools such as rapid prototyping, open source hardware/software, and the internet, she creates objects which subvert our understanding of the object and questions our sense of interaction and relationship.  Driven by ideas of virtuality and phenomenological reactions, she creates tangible products from the intangible qualities of perception, femininity, and existentialism. 

Elisa Giardina Papa is an Italian artist whose work concerns the role of collective image production, and dissemination in contemporary society. She often works with experimental film formats that merge Internet searching with montage. Her work has been exhibited and screened at the 54th Venice Biennial - Internet Pavilion, MoMA (New York), Haus für elektronische Künste (Basel), 319 Scholes (New York), New Gallery (London), and Link Center for the Art (Brescia), among others. She is adjunct professor at Brown University, and at Rhode Island School of Design. Giardina Papa received an MFA from RISD, and a BA from Politecnico of Milan.

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