LRLX PUBLICATION 3: after the internet

RELEASED October 16, 2018


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We are very excited to announce our third publication: After the Internet!

What comes after the Internet? 

The feature theme of the Living Room Light Exchange’s third publication tackles the question of future networks: somewhere between utopian dreams and dystopian net neutrality collapses lies alternative possibilities of a network that could be otherwise. 


released may 2, 2017

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We're thrilled to announce our second published book, STATE CHANGE: Publication Two!

The book features commissions of new works from new media artists, writers, and media theorists in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, a nexus of the technology industry, and from satellite Light Exchanges in New York, Paris, and Tel Aviv. This is the second series of award winning curatorial publications,  gathering the work of current new media artists who question the role of technology, extraction, avatars, surveillance, and more.

Publication Two was printed as a limited edition run of 200 books, 140 pages, color, each containing a bookmark of “Fuck Trump” protest stickers by artist Jenny Odell. The launch of this book was made possible by an Alternative Exposure grant from Southern Exposure Gallery in San Francisco, CA, and the Andy Warhol Foundation.

Participating artists include: 100 DAYS ACTION, LaTurbo Avedon, Liat Berdugo, BlinkPopShift, Kevin Chen, Alex Cruse, Laura Hyunjhee Kim, James David Lee, T.J. Demos, Benjamin Gaulon, Tanya Gayer, Desiree Holman, Parker Higgins, Jason Huff, Rao Li, Rose Linke, Charlie Macquarie, Tom Marioni, Takako Matoba, Forrest McGarvey, Elisabeth Nicula, Jenny Odell, Rebecca Ora, A. Laurie Palmer, Rick Prelinger, Andy Puls, Eden Redmond, Tiare Ribeaux, Antonio Roberts, Dorothy Santos, Caroline Sinders, Theo Triantafyllidis, Lee Tusman, Elia Vargas, Emily Wick. 

This book was designed by Natalie Sims.

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The Living Room Light Exchange is a place. But, these pages are not a living room in Oakland or the Bay; they will travel. These pages will live on shelves and tables, add to stacks and make things taller. These pages have words and images, and carry ideas.

Contributors: Jeremiah Barber, Liat Berdugo, Kevin Chen, Paul Clipson, Christina Corfield, Robb Godshaw, Laura Hyunjhee Kim, James David Lee, Wei Li, Rose Linke, Chip Lord, Charlie Macquarie, Emily Martinez, Margaret McCarthy, Elisabeth Nicula, Nicholas O'Brien, Jenny Odell, Rebecca Ora, Andy Puls, Ingrid Rojas, Dorothy Santos, Tara Shi, Natalie Sims, Elia Vargas, and Joe Veix.

With immeasurable gratitude to Rose Linke, who joined us in making this publication a reality; Natalie Sims, our world-class designer and brilliant thinker; and to SoEx's Alternative Exposure grant, which brought the ink to these pages.